Empowering children & women to rise with dignity & strength.



Working nationally and internationally to empower children and women in disadvantaged places (to) rise with dignity, strength, and sound minds to be successful in everyday life. 

To provide: 

  • Nourishment through food donations to include but not limited to; gardening, livestock, non-perishables as well as safe, sustainable water sources.

  • Education through mentored relationships

  • Access to mental and physical health resources

  • Clothing through partnerships, with various foundations, public and private donors

  • Education and training in order to inspire self-sufficiency and growth

Serving Haiti, Belize, & Nanjemoy.



To help provide opportunities for children and their families that will increase their potential socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually in life. 

Creating avenues and opportunities that will catapult them from being in a socio-economic, disadvantaged state to living Extraordinary By Design.


To clothe 500 children & women annually


To reduce child and female rape attempts in Haiti


Provide clean water sources to 200 children & their families annually.


Provide mentorship to 12 girls monthly in Nanjemoy, Maryland.


“Seeing the joy is the end result.”

MIA GRAY  |  Founder



Extraordinary By Design, Inc. (EBD) was launched in 2013 after its founder saw a need to address poverty both locally and abroad. While on a 2013 trip to Nanjemoy, Maryland, EBD’s founder identified that this community displayed extreme poverty based on inhabitable homes, homes with no bathrooms; unclean water sources, as well as children being impacted by abuse, including behavioral health matters. In that same year, members of EBD were introduced to the children of Kings Children’s Home in Belize. Much like Nanjemoy, children were lacking basic necessities to live as well as evidence of extreme mental health issues. Finally, in 2014, EBD’s vision grew larger after it’s founder, visited Haiti on a missions trip. This visit reflected dire scenes of poverty including but, not limited to: 

● no water,

● no food,

● unclothed children,

● child abuse (physical and mental) and

● a high percentage of young girls being raped daily.


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